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Delindex Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting a "Bad command or file name" message:
There are only a few reasons why you would get a "Bad command or file name" message, none having to do with Delindex or Windows: the file doesn't exist, it doesn't exist where it belongs, the file is misnamed, the command (path and/or filename) was misspelled or otherwise incorrect, the wrong syntax was used (e.g., c:/delindex [forward slash] instead of c:\delindex [backslash] or c:delindex [no slash] or you left out the colon, etc.), or a floppy that you used was not a true Startup disk. It's possible (but highly unlikely) that the required commands do not exist.

Did you type the command correctly?
Make sure you typed c:\delindex. That's c colon backslash delindex. Make sure delindex is spelled correctly.

Did you use the correct startup disk?
Make a Startup disk (don't use any floppy that came with your OS): go to Control Panel, select Add/Remove, click on the Startup Disk tab, and click on Create Disk.

Does Delindex exist? Is it in a folder instead of on C:\?
Click Start, point to Search, and then click Files or Folders. In the "Search for files or folders named" box, type "delindex.bat" (without the quotes; make sure you spell delindex correctly, and be sure to add the ".bat".) Leave the "Containing text" box empty. In the "Look in" in box, click "Local Hard Drives (C)". Click "Search Now." If there is a file listed, look under the "In Folder" column. If it says "C:\", it is where it belongs. If the folder listed is NOT "C:\", Delindex.bat must be moved (cut and pasted) from its present folder to C:\ (NOT in a folder!). If "There are no results to display," Delindex.bat is either not on your c: drive or was incorrectly renamed (or you typed delindex.bat incorrectly in the search box); download Delindex again, this time to the C:\ folder.

If all else fails, post you problem at Computing.Net on the WinMe or Win9x forum with Delindex as the subject.

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